雨の子(The Rain's Girl)

I hated you when I was a little girl, because I love a lot the sunlight and when you were with me, you didn't let me see my beloved sun.
I thought you were evil, you were sad, because you made me turn on artificial lights when it was barely 4 pm, and you know how I dislike the yellow artificial light.
I hated you so much a lot of sundays when you didn't want me to play in the yard. I even thought that I never would be able to see a sunday afternoon because you always was at there between the mountains, between the fog.
I thought that I hated you, but now I see that I never felt that sincerely.
You also was there at every place I traveled, you evil didn't want me to go to the shore and neither to see the blue sky, instead of that with you all those wonderful things turned into gray and you really made me angry.
Someday I knew you could not be that evil I thought. Because that beautiful green of the mountains which were my crib it was because of you.
And at least, yesterday I realized that I never travel alone, not because you hate me, that's because you always want to be with me.
Even when my birthday is in May, and I didn't even bother to invited you to my party, you gifted me with diamonds to celebrate our decades together.
Through the Cities, through the towns, through the north and the south, it looks like you always want to follow me.
Now I can see, clearly as you are, that you gave me those afternoon in artificial yellow lights to pass time with my grandma, and I want to thank you for such lovely hours.
When she died, you cried with me, and also you did it when my grandpa, my uncle and my aunt left. You were there with me, and you taught me that my heart could feel so empty that it echoed your steps.
When someone broke my hearth you also did it, you cried and then my tears mixed with yours, and no one knows that we both were sad because you covered me .
In the death and the farewells, I felt like you were cold and sad inside of me, and It's beautiful to know that I'm so alive that I can feel some so pure like you in me.
At the end of those painful days you and the sun gave me a colourful smile, and you shone with me, and I knew that you are the best friend of my beloved sun.
Once, you gave me a religious and divine sensation when in the middle of that olmecan night you fell in my head and then magically your friend the nightly south warm took you to heaven just for letting you to fall in my soul and you gifted me with your deep pace.
Since I was a little child I feel like a lonely girl at the dark, but in the nights when I feel so alone, when I'm sleepy, you sing a song for me and I don't know why when you sing me you take me away from dark and sadness and I feel myself in calm. 
Besides, you and the moon taught me what beautiful the night really is.
Now I can recognise, that you didn't want me to play alone, you wanted we played together; you didn't want I ran out of you, you wanted we ran together, we felt cold together, we were in the nights together.
I see now my friend, that you wanted to be like the gypsi moon in the Spanish modern tales, who wanted to be a mother of a human being, you wanted to be my sister and gave end to my only child loneliness.
I was angry with you because a lot of times you didn't left me did something I really wanted, but now I see you were also my perfect excuse for didn't do that I didn't want. I can see today how good friend you are, how diaphanous and brightly is your purest soul.
I want to thank you for being with me, even when I write this for you I can hear you out of the window, and I want to thank you for being one of your treasured "ame no ko" (girl of the rain).
I see you in my past, in my present, in my future. You'll be there in my tomb, giving me flowers, crying for me.
I love you my sister rain.

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  1. There's always been something special about Rain... When I was little, as soon as it started raining I would take off all my clothes and run like some kind of wild animal among the trees... It was such a feeling, being alive, having absolutely nothing to worry about. Those were magical times for me.

    1. What an interesting and funny story! I can imagine your parents running after you.
      Thank you for reading and share your experience!
      Water is Life, rain is life pouring over you...


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