El razonamiento

Me gustó esta frase que encontré en un libro de filosofía llamado "The body in the mind", de Mark Johnson. Es un libro de tipo académico.

"...To describe an objetive reality of this sort, we need language that expresses concepts that map onto the objects, properties, and relations in a literal, unequivocal, context-independent fashion. Reasoning to gain knowledge of our world is seen as requiring the joining of such concepts into propositions that describes aspects of reality. Reason is thus a purely formal capacity to conect up, and draw inferences from, this literal concepts according to rules of logic. Words are arbitrary symbols which, tough meaningless in themselves, get they meaning by virtue of their capacity to correspond directly to things in the world. And rational thought can be viewed of an algorithm of manipulation of these symbols." 

Nunca se me había ocurrido ver al pensamiento racional, como un algoritmo que sirve para manipular símbolos y esos símbolos son las palabras.

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