The Lion Sleeps Today

In my first year in Mexico City something very unusual happened to me.

One day I was on my lunch break and I was walking over to eat with my workmates. Then I saw five police cars were parked aside the sidewalk where we were walking. It seemed weird, but I tried not to give it any attention.

Then one policeman called to one of my friends. He said "Hey you! see here, this man said that she is a stuffed". My friend looked inside the van that the policeman was pointing at.

My friend said very atonished "No manches" (it's a Mexican slang to express surprise)... Then I asked him "What happened?" and he said "See for yourself".. And I looked inside the van...

There was a very beautiful female lion asleep, seated, breathing very fast. I was atonished too. There was a lion in the back seat of a van, without a cage, without any kind of protection...

I don't know what surprised me the most... The bravery it took to carry a lion in the back seat of your van, or the cowardice to transport a sedated animal illegaly, without think that it's in fact "an animal" and not a toy for extravagant people.

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